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Bici Felici Corporative Business

Bici Felici Corporation develops its business activities, investing in diversified marketplaces, with the aim of directing business growth and value creation.

Indeed, the Bici Felici corporative business includes diversified marketplaces, sub marketplaces, and territorial expansion.

The Bici Felici Management Team organizes both company internal activities and investment plans, enhancing brands of incorporated activities and external partners.

According available opportunities the Bici Felici Corporate Developer defines and manages the Investments Plan. The purpose is to invest in under valuated projects, by shares acquisition or partnerships.

This drives Bici Felici Corporation to the building of a growing asset allocation by the power of compounding. I mean the compounding asset allocation.

This includes different income streams. As a consequence, this includes even different empowering streams (management, technological, financial) for incorporated businesses and partnerships.

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Bici Felici Management Team

210822 - Bici Felici - Girolamo Aloe
Bici Felici – Girolamo Aloe

Girolamo Aloe

Corporate Development
CMO – Chief Marketing Officer

He is responsible for the company’s corporate activities and their diversification. Besides, he defines marketplaces and territorial segments for business expansion and value creation.

Moreover, he manages the Investment Portfolio and the corporate strategic development of the business.

He supports and contributes to structural improvements related to business process management.

In addition, he defines the guidelines within which the company determines its strategic development, for the medium and long term.

Then, for the Bici Felici Corporative Business, he is responsible for the company’s marketing activities. Leads brand management, marketing communications (including advertising, promotions, public relations, sales support tools), market research, management of distribution channels.

Manages the Marketing Portfolio for costs related to brand enhancement and content production, including human resources and related external collaborations.

210822 - Bici Felici - Tony Ceraolo
Bici Felici – Tony Ceraolo

Tony Ceraolo

COO – Chief Operating Officer

He is responsible for coordinating and optimizing the operational and procedural activities of the company: business process management.

As a Bici Felici Management Team member, his purpose is the Quality of Service (QoS), making and maintaining business processes effective and functional.

He manages direct relationships with suppliers and carriers optimizing purchasing and delivery processes.

Consequently, he guarantees the achievement of the best compromises in Supply Chain Management and compliance with each Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

As head of procurement (Supply Chain Management) and inventory (Inventory Warehousing), he manages the Purchasing Portfolio.

He guarantees the supply of business operations (tools and technical equipment, human resources) and the supply of the warehouse.

In addition, he defines directives concerning the point of sale. He manages the sales department, salesmen and their training.

210522 - Bici Felici - Santi Currò
Bici Felici – Santi Currò

Santi Currò

CTO – Chief Technical Officer

As a member of Bici Felici Management Team, he is responsible for monitoring, evaluating, selecting and suggesting technologies and innovations.

As a Product Manager, his purpose is to choose those products that the company intends to market or produce directly.

He manages the core business of Bici Felici Grandi Sorrisi and Over Cycling by Bici Felici. This is strictly based on technical innovation.

Consequently, he brings constant innovation, introducing, time by time, new products with specific features and qualities, appropriately researched.

In addition, he manages the technical department, the technical assistance team and technical training.

He guarantees technical and procedural compliance for products leaving the point of sale, according to the standards defined by the Quality of Service (QoS). Both products under mantainance and new sales.

He is in close contact with the COO, providing technical support in both sales and purchases.